Company Profilee

Shenzhen Chengyue Technologies Co Ltd is a company that specializes in the production and processing of equipment for light sources. The company’s products are mainly for plant growth light and  LED integrated high-power light sources for use in the ecology and agriculture industries.
Some of the main products include; plant growth lights, greenhouse lights, vegetable growing equipment, plant growth racks, aquarium lights, seed-rearing lights, fill lights, fluorescence lights, UV curing lamps, and infrared lights.
The company has a specific management system that analyzes and processes scientific data that produces these specific types of light equipment.
Shenzhen Chengyue Technologies is also a technical enterprise that not only produces equipment, but it also focuses on design, research, development, production, testing and sales of LED plant growth light related products.
Our company aims to provide the best of products and service to our customers with the highest quality and utmost standards.
We also produce LED high-powered integrated light source products that are suitable for international markets too. Shenzhen Chengyue Technologies only uses the highest quality of imported materials in its productions and provides a 2-year warranty on all our products.
Our company is passionate and sincere in the production and marketing of quality light sources. We have gained recognition for product quality and strength in the ecology and agriculture sectors and pursue an even wider and global market. Please join us on this thriving journey in the industry of quality light sources and spread the word of Shenzhen Chengyue Technologies Co Ltd - "Innovation is the soul, Quality is the life!"

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